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ST2052 YJQ-W2DT (HDT-48-00) G454 GAGE, Deutsch terminal 12, 16, 20 solid contacts cable range 12-22 AWG

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  • Equivalent to Deutsch HDT-48-00 Hand Crimp Tool 12-20 AWG
  • Suitable for crimping Deutsch 12#, 16#, 20# round contacts
  • Positioner & crimper integration; positioner axially adjustable
  • G454 GAGE GO: 0.84mm /0.0330 inch; NOGO: 0.98mm / 0.0385 inch
  • Use with the DT Series-Contact/Wedgelock Removal Tool

JRready ST2052

Crimp Principal


  • The crimping tool adopts curve propulsion mechanism, its applied force transfers through four curves in the head cavity of the right plier handle to the four indenters. The four intenders do the centripetal linear motion, which makes its front-end teeth crimp the contact to complete the crimping process. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures the consistency of impression and the crimping quality of wires and contacts.

Detailed information


  • Brand: JRready
  • Crimp Style: Four-indent Eight-impression
  • Model: YJQ-W2DT+G454
  • Internal Number:ST2052
  • Weight(g): 573.8




JRready ST2052 (YJQ-W2DT+G454) Crimp Tool Kit


  • YJQ-W2DT is designed according to HDT-48-00 hand crimp tool which is widely used for the crimping of wires and contacts in electronic connectors.