JRready JST1515+ST1049 Crimp Tool Kit 的副本
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JRready JST1515+ST1049 Crimp Tool Kit 的副本

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JRready JST1515+ST1049 Crimp Tool Kit

JST1515 Crimping Tool Kit :JRD-AF8(M22520/1-01) Crimper 12-26 AWG,TH163+TH4+TH1A Turret Positioner& UH2-5 Universal Positioner&GO-NO-GO GAGUE G125 for electrical connector&contatcs

  • The kit included: JRD-AF8(Hand Crimp Tool) & TH163, TH4, TH1A (Turret Head) & UH2-5 (Positioner) & G125 (Go-nogo Gage).
  • JRD-AF8 is compatible with the M22520/1-01 which is widely used for the crimping of wires and contacts in electronic connectors.
  • TH1A is designed referred to MIL-C-22520/1-02.There is no need to change the positioning device for crimping different MIL standard contacts, just rotate the positioning core.
  • TH163 is designed referred to M22520/1-04 and suitable for M38999 Series1,2,3 connectors.
  • TH4 is qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/1-03 and can be adjusted to match the diameter of the connectors and the wires desired. TH4 M22520/1-03 for 12, 16, 20 size contacts of MIL Standard connectors MIL-DTL-28748
  • UH2-5 is designed according to MIL-SPEC and suitable for the positioning of a small part of round contacts of MIL standard.
  • G125 is designed according to M22520/3-1,GO: 0.039 inch; NO-GO: 0.044 inch.

ST1049: YJQ-W7A(MH860) M22520/7-01 Crimper+86 Series positioner+G145(M22520/3-03) Maintenance Kit For Electrical Connectors and Wiring Systems

  • Tool and accessory list : YJQ-W7A(MH860) tool frame,  12 PCS 86 series Positioners and 1 In-Service Inspection Gage  G145(M22520/3-03) 
  • Crimp : The YJQ-W7A/M22520/7-01/MH860 accepts the entire middle wire range of 16 through 28 AWG to removable contacts used in
  • Positioner: 86-1S+86-2+86-3+86-4+86-5+86-6+86-7+86-11S+86-12S+86-19+86-20+86-21 & adjustable positioner 86-37
  • Connector: MIL-PRF-38999 SERIES, MIL-DTL-26482 series, MIL-DTL-26500, MIL-DTL-24308,MIL-C-38300, AS50151 series, MIL-C-81703 SERIES, MIL-DTL-83723 SERIES, MIL-C-81511 series, MIL-DTL-83733, MIL-STD-1549 ,etc.
  • Thanks to the cycle controlled precision ratchet,it assures the consistency of impression and the crimping quality of wires and contacts