How to Choose the Right Crimping Tools

How to Choose the Right Crimping Tools

How to Choose the Right Crimping Tools

Proper crimping is paramount, but getting the right crimp requires the right tool. While this may sound simple enough, there are several considerations when selecting from the myriad of crimping tools on the market-- here are a few of the most important:




One factor that will help determine the grade of tools needed is the volume of your operation. While high-volume operations will generally want to turn to automatic tooling, such as a hydraulic or pneumatic press, many production lines still utilize hand-crimping.


Basic field-repair quality crimpers can easily be used by shops that do lower volumes of crimping and have simpler needs. For shops like this, multi-purpose models with swappable dies, such as the Crimp Tool Kit by JRready , eliminate multiple tools, and affordable pricing makes them an economical choice. Some other good choices in this category include the  Crimping Tool by Mil Spec Tools, the HDT-48-00 Hand Crimping Tool by JRready, and the wire strip Tool by  IDEAL Tools.


Outfits with medium output but longer production runs will want to seek out models that are more ergonomic and rugged. Many will also want to consider crimpers with ratchets in place for enhanced quality control, as these ensure the operator goes through the full range of motion needed for a proper crimp



Wire Gauge and Crimp Profile


Wire gauge is a top consideration, as crimping tools are sized according to the wire gauge they can accept, using American Wire Gauge (AWG).


Just as important is the terminal being crimped, as each type of terminal has a specific crimp profile, requiring a certain die. Although many trained technicians can often identify the correct die by eyeballing the shape of the jaw, most terminal manufacturers specify what type of crimper needs to be used


Here is a reference chart outlining a few of the most common crimp profiles for different terminal types.


Connector Model:MIL-PRF-38999 series3
1 12 P M39029/58-365 12-14
2 12 S M39029/56-353 12-14
3 16 P M39029/58-364 16-20
4 16 S M39029/56-352 16-20
5 20 P M39029/58-363 20-24
6 20 S M39029/56-351 20-24
7 22 P M39029/56-362 22-26
8 22 S M39029/56-350 22-26
9 22M P M39029/58-361 24-28
10 22M S M39029/56-349 24-28
11 22D P M39029/58-360 22-28
12 22D S M39029/56-348 22-28



NO. PART NUMBER*(CURRENT)  hand crimp pneumatic crimp  hand crimp  pneumatic crimp  hand crimp   pneumatic crimp  Positioner Positioner Positioner
1 M39029/58-365 W2A W2Q TH163
2 M39029/56-353 W2A W2Q TH163
3 M39029/58-364 W2A W2Q W7A W7Q TH163 86-3
4 M39029/56-352 W2A W2Q W7A W7Q TH163 86-3
5 M39029/58-363 W2A W2Q W1A W1Q W7A W7Q TH163 K43 86-7
6 M39029/56-351 W2A W2Q W1A W1Q W7A W7Q TH163 K43 86-7
7 M39029/58-362 W1A W1Q W7A W7Q K42 86-6
8 M39029/56-350 W1A W1Q W7A W7Q K40 86-4
9 M39029/58-361 W1A W1Q W7A W7Q K42 86-6
10 M39029/56-349 W1A W1Q W7A W7Q K40 86-4
11 M39029/58-360 W1A W1Q W7A W7Q K42 86-6
12 M39029/56-348 W1A W1Q W7A W7Q K40 86-4


Warranty Requirements


It is important to check the warranty requirements of your terminal. While many brands will just simply dictate the specs of the crimper required, some warranties may go so far as to dictate that only their brand be used. Failure to abide by these mandates may void your warranty, so it pays to be sure you are following their guidelines.


As you can see, there's a surprising amount of variety in crimping and often the solution will be to have a few sets of crimpers handy to perform different jobs. To get the gear you need for your perfect crimp, view our crimping tools and wire and cable products.


And while you're here, take a peek at some of our top-selling crimping products:

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