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Jiaxing Jingrui Instrument & Equipment Co.,Ltd is a company producing professional tools and providing services in the manufacture of wire harness and connectors which are used in the fields of aviation, aerospace, electric vehicles, marine, nuclear power, oil exploration, etc…

Years of accumulation, the company has unique advantage in manufacturing four-indent crimp tools . It possesses mature technology from product design to product manufacture.the company attaches significance to the construction of own brand, insists excellent product quality and strives to provide customers with best service and perfect experience.

Our products are widely used in electronic and electric, information communication, automobile electronic, safety production, space and aviation, petrochemical industry and building industry, etc. 

JRready is a new brand which we officially registered in 2018 in United States. Our main market lies in the United States. Since the establishment of the company, we have begun to enter the American market. For many years we have sold our tools in various states and cities in the United States. The excellent quality of the tools and good technical services have won unanimous praise from American customers.

We will continue to provide customers with the highest quality tools and perfect after-sales service.



In 2009, Jiaxing Jingrui Instrument & Equipment Co., Ltd. established

In 2010, establish a standardized factory and implement standardized management

In 2014, the Terminal Necking-in Machine invented, the company began R & D of automation equipment

In 2015, recognized as an “excellent partner” by "Shenyang Xinghua Aviation", establishing a long-term strategic partnership

In 2016, the TS series pneumatic crimping machine was invented to enhance the market service ability of new energy wire harness

In Jan 2018, JRready brand is officially registered in United States

In Dec 2018, the company has obtained the ISO 9001 Certification

In Jan 2019, R & D investment increased, successfully developed new hydraulic crimping equipment

In Feb 2019, the company has obtained the ROHS certification

In 2020, the company independently designed new appearance crimp tools and obtained appearance patent