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JRready ST4020 Tool Kit: YJQ-W2Q M22520/1-01 Pneumatic Crimp Tool & Universal Positioner (M22520/1-05)12-26AWG

JRready ST4020 Tool Kit: YJQ-W2Q M22520/1-01 Pneumatic Crimp Tool & Universal Positioner (M22520/1-05)12-26AWG

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JRready ST4020: YJQ-W2Q Pneumatic cable Crimper Air Tools & Universal Positioner & BM-2 Adjustable Base Mount & F2 air control system for Cable Connector 12-26AWG
  • [PACKING LIST] YJQ-W2Q (Pneumatic Crimp Tool), Universal Positioner, BM-2 (Bench Mount),Foot Value, Filter Regulator, Air Pipes
  • [WIDE WIRE CRIMP RANGE] Has virtually limitless application within the specified wire range of 12 through 26 AWG (0.128-3.33mm²)
  • [RELIABLE CRIMP WAY] Mil-Standard 4-way indent 8 impression crimp, which assures maximum tensile strength
  • [PROFESSIONAL CRIMPER] Designed according to MIL-C-22520/1-01;The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures consistently accurate crimps every time
  • [SAFE & HIGH EFFICIENT] The crimping force comes from air,safe, environmental friendly & high efficienct
  • [APPLLICATION] Suitable for crimping of solid contacts in Mil-spec, Harting, Wain, TE connectors; Suitable for line operation of wire harness & cable assembly factory

YJQ-W2Q Aviation crimping tool is designed according to MIL-C-22520 / 1-01 and it is widely used for the crimping of wires and contacts in both military and proprietary programs.

Universal positioner is designed according to MIL-C-22520/1-05.
Used to locate contacts horizontally and vertically between the indenters of the tools to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the crimp position.
The height adjusting screw can be rotated until the contact is in the proper position for crimping. Suitable for different types of contacts.

This KIT contains two kinds of control mode:

Figure1: Foot valve control mode
Figure2: Hand valve control mode
Using 1.54mm hex wrench

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