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JST2513:JRD-ASF1 Crimper 12-26AWG,TH531-E Positioner ,TL01G Removal Tools for HARTING HAN E SERIES CONNECTOR 16A round contacts

JST2513:JRD-ASF1 Crimper 12-26AWG,TH531-E Positioner ,TL01G Removal Tools for HARTING HAN E SERIES CONNECTOR 16A round contacts

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JST2513 Hand Crimping Tool Kit: JRD-ASF1 (M22520/1-01) Crimper 12-26 AWG, TH531-E Turret Head Positioner ,TL01G Removal Tools for HARTING HAN E SERIES CONNECTOR 16A round contacts

  • The kit included: JRD-ASF1 (Four-indent Hand Crimptool)&TH531-E(Positioner)&TL01G(Removal Tool)
  • JRD-ASF1 is compatible with the M22520/1-01 which is widely used for the crimping of wires and contacts in electronic connectors.
  • TH531-E positioner ensures the accuracy and consistency of the crimp position. The positioner can be rotated to adjust the crimp position. Suitable for 16A Sockets & Pins in Han E series connectors.
  • TL01G removal tool is used to remove round contacts in HARTING, WAIN, TE Han E series connectors without any damages to the electronic connectors.
  • The tool kit is suitable for connectors of fields in mechanical, electrical, and digital interface for 12-22 AWG.


  1. Material of Mould Steel (Good Durability & Good Anti-deformation & Good appearance & Anti-rust)
  2. Four-indent Crimp Tool(Crimp tension is 1.3 times that of the hexagonal crimp, more stable & more reliable)
  3. 3.8 Selector Numbers(Adjustable crimping ranges in different selector number, more convenient for wider applications)


Crimp Principal

The crimping tool adopts curve propulsion mechanism, its applied force transfers through four curves in the head cavity of the right plier handle to the four indenters. The four intenders do the centripetal linear motion, which makes its front-end teeth crimp the contact to complete the crimping process. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures the consistency of impression and the crimping quality of wires and contacts.



Name Contact drawing Harting connector model Harting contact model Wain connector model Wain contact model
16A contact

HAN E(09330062602 09330102602 09330102702)
HAN EE(0932010300 09320183001 09320323001) HAN EE(09320403001 09320643001)
09330006127 HAC HEC HEE HM HK insert CESM -0.37
09330006121 CESM -0.5
09330006114 CESM -0.75
09330006105 CESM -1.0
09330006104 CESM -1.5
09330006102 CESM -2.5
09330006106 CESM -3.0
09330006107 CESM -4.0
HAN E(09330062702 09330102702)
HAN EE(09320103101 09320183101) 
HAN EE(09320403101 09320643101)
09330006227 CESF-0.37G
09330006220 CESF-0.5G
09330006214 CESF-0.75G
09330006205 CESF-1.0G
09330006204 CESF-1.5G
09330006202 CESF-2.5G
09330006206 CESF-3.0G
09330006207 CESF-4.0G
09330006117 CEGM -0.37
09330006122 CEGM -0.5
09330006115 CEGM -0.75
09330006118 CEGM -1.0
09330006116 CEGM -1.5
09330006123 CEGM -2.5
/ CEGM -3.0
09330006119 CEGM -4.0
09330006217 CEGF-0.37G
09330006222 CEGF-0.5G
09330006215 CEGF-0.75G
09330006218 CEGF-1.0G
09330006216 CEGF-1.5G
09330006223 CEGF-2.5G
/ CEGF-3.0G
09330006221 CEGF-4.0G

Removal Instruction

Step 1: Prepare the removal tool and find the contact to be taken out
Step 2: Insert the removal tool into the electric connector until it reaches the bottom
Step 3: Push the contact out gently
Step 4: Remove the contact

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