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JRready ST4010 Pneumatic Crimper Kit(YJQ-W1Q WA22 & SK2/2 Positioner) & ST5137 Positioner Kit

JRready ST4010 Pneumatic Crimper Kit(YJQ-W1Q WA22 & SK2/2 Positioner) & ST5137 Positioner Kit

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JRready ST4010 Pneumatic Crimper Kit(YJQ-W1Q WA22 & SK2/2 Positioner & ST5137 Positioner Kit

ST5137 Positioner Kit Includes 15 Positioners: SK2/2 Adjustable Positioner, K1, K40, K41, K42, K43, K709, K13-1, K330-3, K338, K151, K267-1, K287, K340, K532-1 Positioners

  • ST4010 Kit consists of YJQ-W1Q (Pneumatic Crimp Tool), SK2/2 (Universal Positioner), BM-2 (Bench Mount), PC-SUITE1 ST;
  • Can complete the positioning and crimping of a variety of cold pressed contacts;
  • The YJQ-W1Q four-indent crimp tool is used for high quality & high requirement crimping;
  • Wire Crimp Range: 20AWG (0.52mm2)- 32AWG (0.032mm2);
  • Crimped Style: Four-indent Eight-impression
  • Model of hand crimp tool: YJQ-W1A

YJQ-W1Q is designed according to M22520/2-01 and it is widely used for the crimping of wires and contacts in both military and proprietary programs.

● Productivity (It can crimp 30-40 contacts per minute,High production)
● Material of Mould Steel (Good Durability & Good Anti-deformation & Good appearance & Anti-rust)
● Four-indent Crimp Tool (Crimp tension is 1.3 times that of the hexagonal crimp, more stable & more reliable)
● 8 Selector Numbers(Adjustable crimping ranges in different selector number, more convenient for wider applications)

● AWG: 20-32AWG (0.52-0.032mm²)
● Thru-Hole Diameter (mm): Φ3.60
● Air Supply & Working Air Pressure (Bar): 5.5-8.3
● Dimensions: 218mm
● Weight:1061g/2.34 lb

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